Prismatic Star



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The Prismatic Star foundation papers and strip piecing processes were designed by Quiltworx in 2014. As one of our most popular patterns ever, we continually have to remake and update instructions. In 2017, we updated the diamond blocks to standardized the size at 68"x68". The layout includes (24) diamonds and a background.

Strips are sewn onto foundation paper to complete what is called a ‘Strip Set’. After the strip sets are completed, they are cut apart, rearranged and re-sewn into a diamond star point. 

Would you like a slightly bigger quilt?  Prismatic Star can be extended to 80"x80 with the addition of Striped Pieced Border Wall 

Or perhaps even bigger? Prismatic Star can be turned on point and expanded to 99"x99". 9 expansion options are available. 

Prismatic Star is an example of a Kaleidoscope Mixer pattern. A Kaleidoscope Mixer pattern can be custom designed and assembled to suit your own personal preferences. There are 21 options to swap out the various blocks.

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