All About Me


Hello and welcome to ‘Papers & Thread Quilting’. My name is Michele and I have been a quilter for over 20 years. Along the way, I was introduced to Quiltworx and Judy Niemeyer.

My first experience with a Quiltworx pattern was the ‘Bali Wedding Star’. Not content with a smaller layout of 3x4, I elected to jump into the very deep end with a 7x7 configuration. Without any guidance from a Certified Instructor it was a very hard slog, indeed. It took me over two years, plus many hours of frustration to finish that quilt.

I then had an opportunity to meet Judy in person and work on the Amazon Star pattern. With a much clearer understanding of Judy’s techniques, I was hooked. I was able to make my second Quiltworx pattern in a few months.

I then learned that Quiltworx offers training at their center in Montana. With each successive retreat, I became more and more addicted to all patterns as designed by Quiltworx.

This addiction has evolved to the point where all other types of patterns have been forsaken in pursuit of the perfect points and curves offered up by Judy’s foundation paper piecing methods. The organization, the step-by-step processes, the very logical approach all outlined in Quiltworx patterns make these techniques suitable for one and all.

With over 35 Quiltworx quilts made, I then started to share my passion by teaching other quilters. I became a Certified Instructor with Quiltworx in January, 2019. Certification required that I make a variety of Quiltworx patterns, including the ‘Technique of the Month’ patterns.

I fully believe that when an investment in fabric and pattern is made with the hopes of creating a Quiltworx quilt, you deserve having a certified teacher by your side to support and guide your journey.

I can support your journey in so many ways….

  • by sharing with you how to make any Quiltworx quilt, through 1:1 instruction or classes
  • by cutting your quilt kit for you
  • by sewing your quilt up for you
  • by selling you patterns