Sandstone Spires

Sandstone Spires

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The Sandstone Spires Quiltworx quilting pattern is a  68"x68" sized quilt with 2 distinct sections. The centre section has 8 Garden Diamonds. The Desert Sun Wall border finishes and squares up the quilt. 

Sandstone Spires can be turned on point and expanded to 99"x99". 6 expansion options are available. 

Sandstone Spires is an example of a Meadow Star Mixer pattern. A Meadow Star Mixer pattern can be custom designed and assembled to suit your own personal preferences. There are:

  • 13 options to make a 118"x118" King sized quilt
  • 13 options to make a 99"x99" Queen On Point quilt
  • 11 options to make a 99"x99" Queen Medallion quilt
  • 14 options to make a 97"x97" Queen Flip quilt
  • 15 options to make a 85"x85" Wall quilt
  • 7 options to make a 68"x68" Wall quilt

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