Fabric Cutting Service - Medium Quilts

Fabric Cutting Service - Medium Quilts



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Fabric Cutting Service - Medium Quilts

This service is for cutting your MEDIUM (between 56" and 74") Quiltworx pattern fabrics that you have delivered to me. 

For this fee, I will:

  • cut out all the papers for your quilt (foundation papers and templates)
  • cut out the fabrics with the template layout sheets and/or T-Templates to the correct sizes.
  • paper clip the fabrics to the template section,
  • organize the fabric sections in the order of sewing
  • place them in labelled bags.
  • place put your pattern in a 1” 3 ring binder with sheet protectors. 

Then I will ship the completed quilt kit back to you!

It will ready for you to start sewing right out of the box. 

Please note -

Examples of a Medium size Quiltworx quilt is one that is bigger than 55"x55" and smaller than 75"x75". Examples of a quilt that falls into this size are Wall size Glacier Star, Cactus Rose, Ribbons & Bows Wedding Ring, Gemstone, Vintage Compass, Sundial, Rainforest Blossoms. 

Base price is $200 plus return shipping.   

NOTE: Rainbow color quilts and/or quilts with applique pieces to cut will have an additional charge of $25 each for this size.

 Before adding this item to your cart, please ensure you have selected the correct size (SMALL, MEDIUM, or LARGE)

I will email you for further details including:

  • Specific date required by (typically it takes me 2-3 weeks from date of arrival to be returned to you)
Design of quilt – I will need to know if your kit was designed in Quiltster, purchased through Quiltster Marketplace or if it's a personal or shop designed kit. It helps to have the Quiltster printouts or kitting sheets provided in your kit.