Crimson Poppy

Crimson Poppy

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The Crimson Poppy Quiltworx quilting pattern is a 68"x68" sized quilt with 5 sections, including 8 Mosaic Star centre diamonds, 3 rounds of star points (Leaf Top, Moroccan Star and Fractured Glass) and a Star Shimmer border. 

There are various options available to expand the Star of Fire pattern.

a) There are 7 options to expand the quilt to 80"x80".

b) Then, the quilt can be turned on point and with your choice of 6 options expanded to 99"x99". 

Star of Fire is an example of a Stella Maris Mixer pattern. A Stella Maris Mixer pattern can be custom designed and assembled to suit your own personal preferences. There are 16 options to swap out the various blocks.

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